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DevOps Process Flow - 8 Stages

Posted by Jane Kelly on 20/10/2021

The Essential Guide to DevOps Process Flow

The words DevOps Process Flow refers to the continuous momentum achieved using the blended functional pipeline activity performed by a dynamic team. The team will typically be made up of solution architects, programmers and testers, plus other key roles. There are of course distinct activities which drive any substantial delivery. There are 8 core stages to a successful DevOps.

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DevOps Testing Process

Posted by Jane Kelly on 5/01/2021

DevOps Testing Process: A Comprehensive Overview

Introducing you to our first blog of year 2021, created by one of our blog writers, Jane Kelly who explores the topic of DevOps, its benefits and different types of roles. 

DevOps can be described as a set of working practices which combines Development and IT Operations. It brings people, processes and technology closer together, which is renowned for offering higher value to customers and achieving costs.

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A Real-World intro to SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework - Part 3

Posted by Paul Raybould on 24/11/2020

Exploring the Benefits of the Real-World Intro to Safe - Scaled Agile Framework

Paul Raybould is back with the final section of 'A Real-World intro to SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework' series. 

Hello everyone!

Here’s the last part in my series on Scaled Agile Framework. In this last part, I cover a range of topics including Inspect and Adapt, Measuring Flow and other useful principles to consider. If you haven’t read the first two parts, do check out part 1 and part 2 before reading on.

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A Real-World Intro to SAFe Agile – Scaled Agile Framework SAFe

Posted by Paul Raybould on 12/08/2020

What is SAFe Agile Framework?

SAFe is a scaling lean and agile framework (or agile manifesto) which combines various pieces of different agile practices, principles, methodologies and core competencies such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Product Development, Lean Portfolio Management and DevOps.

Why use SAFe?

The Large Solution SAFe model of working is relevant to large organisations and numbers of agile teams with multiple development teams delivering highly complex solutions to complex systems.

Should everyone adopt SAFe?

Adopting SAFe in smaller team structures with few cross-team dependencies would negatively impact the agility of these teams and affect delivery & velocity.

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Software Testing at DevOps World

Posted by Ryan James on 1/11/2016

Showcasing at DevOps World Event

nFocus are delighted to be showcasing their innovative testing services at DevOps World taking place in London on 2nd November.

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nFocus DevOps & Automation Session For Microsoft Tech Days

Posted by Ryan James on 8/09/2016

Supporting DevOps through Testing – It’s not just about Automating Tests!

On Tuesday 13th September, nFocus' very own  Danny Crone will be speaking for Microsoft Tech Days! He will be delivering a session on DevOps and Automation, the title and synopsis of which you can find below.
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DevOps & Testing...It's Not Just About Automating Tests!

Posted by Danny Crone on 11/08/2016

Supporting DevOps through Testing

nFocus' Techncial Director Danny Crone recently recorded a webinar covering Test Automation in DevOps. Here's the transcript of the session - "Supporting DevOps through testing".
"Let's start with the aims of DevOps. It's certainly a culture and a practice that accentuates the collaboration and communication of software developers and other IT professionals. While still being important to automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes; it certainly tries to foster both a culture and environment where building testing and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.
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DevOps and Testing

Posted by Ryan James on 26/02/2016

Demystifying DevOps & Improving Software Quality

Now, let me guess? Whilst you are reading this article you can name a project that has run late, ran out of budget, not met the requirements, generally underperformed against budget or proved problematic when put live?

Never the less, there is some hope. DevOps has arrived and promises to save the day, but didn’t Agile promise this? Yes it did, but after the initial surge in the uptake of the Agile framework it did result in some Operational issues, mainly because little or no consideration was taken when putting iterations of new code into live for the operational impact.

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