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DevOps & Testing...It's Not Just About Automating Tests!

Posted by Danny Crone on 11/08/2016
Danny Crone
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nFocus' Techncial Director Danny Crone recently recorded a webinar covering Test Automation in DevOps. Here's the transcript of the session - "Supporting DevOps through testing".
"Let's start with the aims of DevOps. It's certainly a culture and a practice that accentuates the collaboration and communication of software developers and other IT professionals. While still being important to automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes; it certainly tries to foster both a culture and environment where building testing and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.
DevOps & Testing...It's Not Just About Automating Tests!
So the question here is wouldn't just speeding up the testing, automating it, actually help? Well, to answer that question we need to take a look at how testing and automated testing can help DevOps. First we need to take a look at the challenges of DevOps, the release pipeline, what tests we should think about automating, how best to consider test data for environments and finally how we feedback information through the pipeline.
Integrating DevOps should target product delivery, quality testing and development so as to improve reliability and stability and provide faster development and deployment cycles. So development wants stuff faster, they want releases faster and operations want stability and reliability. Now, if manual testing can help improve the stability and reliability of a solution or application but generally takes a long time to provide decent levels of quality, then wouldn’t just automating all of that testing effort solve your problems? The main questions we should ask ourselves in this situation are; what's the coverage of those test cases, how long do they take to execute and which environments do they need to run? How are they going to be coordinated and how successful are they? How..."
To watch the full content, click the image below. 
Watch our free webinar - supporting DevOps through testing.

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