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How AI could Transform Software Testing

Posted by Nethma Wimalasuriya on 28/02/2024

Exploring AI's Role in Software Testing

The increasing integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the real world of software testing is reshaping and potentially transforming how software testing is approached and executed.

From offering intelligent automation to predictive analysis, AI is helping to optimise testing projects and processes, enhance efficiency, and ultimately elevate software quality.

As well as helping to improve existing practices, AI can be a catalyst for innovation and in this blog, we will walk through the areas which we think it either could or is already having an effect.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques, Artificial Intelligence

'It's only logical thinking, Captain'

Posted by Tony Simms on 29/11/2021

Introduction: Exploring the Power of Logical Thinking

Being a tester requires a whole mix of skills. Nowadays, it requires as many soft skills as it does technical skills. For example, a tester should not just have the ability to find defects, they should also have the ability to present their findings and ability to solve problems.

One incredibly important attribute a tester must have an aspect of logical thinking or an ability to think logically. 

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques, Tech Roles

Types of Software Testing - a Glossary - nFocus Blog

Posted by Jane Kelly on 29/06/2021

Types of Software Testing - a Glossary

It's amusing that software testing is a conversation starter or stopper at a party when you exchange details on what you do for a living during first greetings, depending upon whether you meet a fellow ‘techie’ or not! Software testing doesn't have to be daunting; it can be fun and interesting!

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques, Software Test Process

Tracking, Tracing, Testing!

Posted by Jane Kelly on 29/07/2020

Integration of Tracking, Tracing, and Testing

Today we welcome back Jane Kelly who dives into the fascinating world of Track & Trace.

Track & Trace has been heavily reported on in the news and it has made me think about some of the synergies with Software Testing. Tracking can be thought of in terms of the emerging path of what is being analysed, where its current state is, and where it is likely to end up. Like testing, tracking requires many different measures to provide value.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques, Digital Transformation

Software Testing Techniques - It's As Simple As Black & White

Posted by The nFocus Team on 24/08/2017

Importance of Choosing Appropriate Testing Techniques for Effective Quality Assurance

To explain the difference between Black Box Testing and White Box Testing, simply put, if you think about a car, you have two types of people, the driver (black box) and the mechanic (white box). The driver doesn’t really need to understand how the engine works to drive, just press a few buttons and levers and turn the wheel and you are off. The mechanic however, lifts the hood and tinkers with the engines to make the car go, looking at the internal mechanisms, following the flow of petrol into the engine right through to the output gases from the exhaust.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques

Software Testing Techniques - Seven Of The Best

Posted by The nFocus Team on 17/08/2017

Importance of Diverse Testing Approaches

So, what is the best software testing technique for my project? Hmmm, tricky one to answer without looking more closely at your project. There are many factors that determine the software testing techniques you’ll need to employ.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques

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