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A Story of Growth: An SDETs Journey

Posted by Farhiya Mahamud on 19/03/2024

Embracing Challenges: Reflections on Growth

Join me on a journey as I traverse the intricate landscapes of software testing, grappling with self-doubt, yet emerging with newfound confidence and wisdom. This is the story of a fledgling SDET navigating uncharted territories, grappling with imposter syndrome, and ultimately finding her voice in a world of uncertainty.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, nFocus SDET Academy

Test Automation Recruitment Challenges & Talent Shortage

Posted by Ryan James on 1/11/2023

Insights on Recruiting Test Automation Personnel

As a business, we take pride in actively listening to our clients, prospective clients, and team members to ensure that we are consistently providing the right services to meet the evolving needs of our industry.

Through this approach, we have observed that many individuals and organisations have been facing persistent challenges when it comes to recruiting test automation professionals such as Test Automation Engineers.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, SDET

Test Automation Advantages - Spring into Action

Posted by Jane Kelly on 16/02/2023

Introduction to Test Automation in Software Testing

As we rapidly approach the new spring season with vigour, there is never a better time to revisit areas in our work/home lives and look at applying a fresh approach to make improvements.

The same can be said for software testing and exploring fresh ways of being innovative in the use of processes, tools and methodologies applied. The new financial year can bring new opportunities to invest in improvement initiatives and the spring season can often give rise to renewed energy, open mindsets, renewed commitment to try and apply new strategies and look to reduce none value-add activities.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, TEST AUTOMATION BENEFITS

Automation Testing Interview Questions

Posted by Tony Simms on 19/04/2022

How to Prepare for an Automation Testing Interview

I was recently asked to help a non-technical Test Manager to draw up a job specification for an Automation Test Engineer with at least one year’s test automation experience. Not too difficult a task as I knew the client fairly well and understood the sort of person they would need but...

The conversation turned to how would this non-technical Test Manager know if the answers given in an interview were: 

  • A: right and...
  • B: a reflection of the candidate’s true test automation ability

I came up with an approach that I think will work well. More about that in a moment… but first, I will explain about the problem of interview questions.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, Interview Questions

'Tee-rific’ Steps to Creating a Test Automation Framework

Posted by The nFocus Team on 10/08/2021

Understanding Test Automation Frameworks

Hi, my name is Ryan Dudley and I’ve been working with nFocus now for nearly 8 years, starting my journey as an apprentice. Now I class myself as a budding Technical Tester, which is not an easy role. My day-to-day tasks at the moment consist primarily of manual testing, but at any given opportunity I like to be able to do automation. As there was no capacity for me to do this on my current project, I decided to do something within my own time and challenge myself to do something which I had not done before which was choosing a test automation framework and starting from scratch.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, Test Automation Frameworks

Mobile Testing: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Jane Kelly on 13/10/2020

Unleashing the Potential of Mobile Testing

Today, I’d like to blog about mobile testing. Like many of you out there, I am a frequent mobile user and I would feel considerably inconvenienced were I to be without it for even just a few hours!


The market is flooded with mobile hand-held devices and we rely so heavily on them for so many reasons: communication, diary bookings, notes, reminders, security and protection, emergencies, socialising, learning, entertainment, sleep, relaxation and so on.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, Mobile App Testing

How Much Test Automation is Right in DevOps

Posted by The nFocus Team on 14/08/2019

What Are the Advantages of Test Automation in DevOps?

Successful DevOps needs automated processes throughout the software delivery life cycle. It relies on a culture and environment where building, testing and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and reliably.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, DevOps, Testing in DevOps

Digital Transformation 5 - Top 5 Must Do's For Testing

Posted by The nFocus Team on 19/03/2019

Aligning Testing Strategies with Digital Transformation Goals

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past couple of years then you’ll be fully aware that digital transformation and artificial intelligence are at the top of every IT Directors list of things to do. Companies today are facing a couple of big challenges, staying ahead and on top of new digital technologies as well as providing outstanding customer experience. To be clear, digital transformation is the process of using new or modified business models, processes and customer expectations to meet changing business and market requirements by use of new and advanced technology.

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Topics: Agile,, Software Testing, test automation, Quality Assurance, Digital Transformation

Test Automation Approach - The Long Wait Is Over!

Posted by Danny Crone on 13/02/2019

From ALongBit to AShortBit: Enhancing Test Efficiency in DevOps

Even today, in the modern world of DevOps, I see this all too often in automated test code for regression tests:

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, Test Automation Approach

Automated End to End Testing

Posted by Adam Bardell on 14/11/2018

Where is the Value?

As we know, we cannot test everything. This is especially true for End to End testing. This activity is often carried out at the end of the Implementation phase after System testing has completed. There will be many paths through the software and to test them all will be a large task. So only critical paths are tested through the system that provides an acceptable level of test coverage. Add automation into the mix, and this can become extremely challenging at the end of the delivery cycle. Teams often accept that the effort required for automating the End to End tests is too much of a risk to a timely delivery. Often, it is cut down to small manual End to End tests as an afterthought that adds little value to the overall quality or post-release teams. Ironically, this is where it adds the most value!

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Topics: test automation, Test Automation Approach, Automated end to end testing

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