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Automation Testing Interview Questions

Posted by Tony Simms on 19/04/2022

How to Prepare for an Automation Testing Interview

I was recently asked to help a non-technical Test Manager to draw up a job specification for an Automation Test Engineer with at least one year’s test automation experience. Not too difficult a task as I knew the client fairly well and understood the sort of person they would need but...

The conversation turned to how would this non-technical Test Manager know if the answers given in an interview were: 

  • A: right and...
  • B: a reflection of the candidate’s true test automation ability

I came up with an approach that I think will work well. More about that in a moment… but first, I will explain about the problem of interview questions.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, Interview Questions

Test Analyst Interview Questions & ‘Tricks’

Posted by The nFocus Team on 2/11/2021

Unveiling Insight: Test Analyst Interview Questions & Strategies

Aftermath of the Halloween, I thought it would be good to consider if there are any ‘tricks’ to a successful interview? Over the past few months, I've drafted a selection of interview question templates to standardise the nFocus interview process. As part of this process, the templates have been used successfully to identify quality test resource for several clients who are now part of the nFocus team. Congratulations to those now hired!

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Topics: Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Interview Questions

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