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Testing Centre of Excellence - The Final Chapter

Posted by Scott Summers on 2/02/2021

Today, we welcome back Scott Summers with the final piece in his 'Testing Centre of Excellence' series. 

In this blog, I’d like to wrap up this series by providing some possible components for the scope of services that a TCOE might deliver. The scope of the Testing Centre of Excellence services should, ideally, fill the gaps in the testing and quality approach within the organisation. These can be identified through the review process I outlined in the previous blogs in this series:

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Topics: Software Testing, Digital Transformation, Test Teams

Building a Testing Centre of Excellence - a How to Guide

Posted by Scott Summers on 28/07/2020

In my previous two blogs, I went into detail about some of the benefits of implementing a Testing Centre of Excellence (TCOE). Before you start reading, maybe take a look at the previous blogs of this series: 

The benefits can be summarised as:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency and consistency
  • Maximised staff utilisation
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Topics: Digital Transformation, Test Teams, softwaretesting

Benefits of a Testing Centre of Excellence - Part 2

Posted by Scott Summers on 24/06/2020

In my last post I discussed how a Testing Centre of Excellence can reduce cost and create efficiency in an organisation. In this post, I will discuss some of the other benefits of a TCOE.

A Testing Centre of Excellence can:

  • Increase test maturity and promote innovation across the organisation
  • Define, encourage and enforce best practices
  • Define test policy and test strategies aligned with the business needs
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Topics: Software Testing, Testing, Test Management, Test Manager, Test Teams, testingcentreofexcellence

Transformation Journeys - Mutiny on the Project

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 17/06/2020

Today we welcome back our popular guest author, Renée Elizabeth Mineart

I realised this week that I have a character flaw. Probably, one of many, if I’m being honest but let’s just focus on the one for now.

I first began to realise this last week after chatting with my line manager about some software we use in the office. Software that I detest and consider an absolute waste of time.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, Project Management

Digital Assurance - how to set up testing for your digital transformation project

Posted by The nFocus Team on 29/05/2019

At the heart of every Digital Transformation project or programme lays digital assurance, and within that quality assurance function hosts a team of able testers, but there’s always a fear that digital transformation will prevent businesses from fully committing to the process due to lack of resources being available. Most companies undertaking this exercise will set up a dedicated team to deliver the digital transformation allowing existing staff to continue with business as usual. Organisations can set up a test team and associate processes to accelerate digital transformation without any significant impact to existing projects by following key steps.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Test Teams, digital assurance

How To Build A Test Team For A Digital Transformation Project

Posted by Scott Summers on 9/04/2019

Building a high performing team is never an easy undertaking. Building the test team for a Digital Transformation project is no different.

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Topics: Software Testing, Digital Transformation, Test Teams

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