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Client Engagement Strategies & Forming Partnerships

Posted by Richard Turrall on 21/05/2024

Building Relationships in Consultancy

A vital part of consultancy work is building strong relationships with clients or project teams. One of the most rewarding aspects of this process is learning how to effectively address difficult or uncomfortable situations. Embracing this challenge is key to personal and professional growth.

Consultancy is dynamic and adaptive because it involves working with new individuals and loyal customers. Try viewing ‘difficult’ and ‘awkward’ situations as opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovative solutions for growth. The terms 'difficult' and 'awkward' can span a variety of situations.

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‘Duathlon or Dua Lipa?’: Stu's Training Tracks & Sports Training Techniques

Posted by Stu Hadley on 21/05/2024

Part Two - Train Like a Pro: Guide to Sports Training

Welcome back to Part 2 of our blog series! In this blog, Stu explains how he manages to balance work with his sports training, highlighting the importance of family support and meticulous planning. Stu also shares how his extensive music playlist fuels his duathlon races, and his quick-fire answers offer insights into his personal preferences.

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Topics: Test Manager, Test Teams, Personal Stories

'Race Ready!': Stu's Insights into Duathlon Training

Posted by Stu Hadley on 23/04/2024

Part 1 - In the Spotlight: Stu Hadley - A Q&A Session

nFocus are very proud to supports and sponsors our very own Stu Hadley as he pursues his dream as an athlete representing Great Britain for major events this year. 

Rachel and Eve engaged in a captivating discussion with Stu about his upcoming races and his transition from triathlons to duathlons. Stu reveals his next race, the Mallory Park Sprinter Qualifier, aiming for a spot in next year's World Duathlon Championship.

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Topics: Test Manager, Test Teams, Personal Stories

My Journey as a Graduate SDET Consultant

Posted by Dylan Westhead on 3/10/2023

Embracing Challenges and Driving Quality: Introduction

Are you enthusiastic about technology and want to blossom an admirable career rich with opportunities? Would you like some insight into what life is like as an nFocus SDET? If so, look no further.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, SDET

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Posted by Asmita Dixit on 3/10/2023

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace: Are we there yet? 

Since the 1990s, employers have tried consciously to motivate their employees by engaging and empowering them to contribute to their organisations. This was the beginning of the “inclusion” wave which was stirred further by globalisation. As people from different cultures with different identities connected with each other through their employers, the evident “diversity” demanded attention. We, as employees, wanted to be treated equally irrespective of our age, race, language, gender, religious identity or who we choose to love. 

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, Workplace Diversity

Cracking the Code

Posted by Richard Turrall on 22/06/2023

Exploring the Essential Skills SDET’s need to become a Good Communicator

After reading a previous blog that covered important basics for a career in software testing, ‘What makes an Effective Test Consultant?’; it felt to me that a more detailed look at one of these areas was needed to help illustrate how important soft skills are for people starting out in this space.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, SDET

Technical Testing 'Show & Tell'

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 9/05/2023

Overview of Technical Testing

This week's blog comes from our guest writer, Renée Mineart.

One of the first lessons taught in every writing class I’ve ever taken is the concept of “show, don’t tell”. 

When writing a bit of prose, you always want to show the reader what is happening in a scene as opposed to a short summary telling them what happened. “Bob fell out of the tree” isn’t nearly as impactful as “Bob put his full body weight on the branch beneath his hand as he planned the next stage of his climb but the branch was unable to support his weight."

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, communication

Inclusive Workplace & Deaf Awareness

Posted by Eve Lister on 2/05/2023

Insights from Eve Lister: Perspectives on Inclusive Workplace Practices

This week’s national awareness week is one that I feel passionate about and one that involves me directly. Deaf Awareness Week celebrates the achievements of people with a hearing loss but also promotes greater understanding of the barriers and challenges that people who are deaf face in society. As people are starting to talk openly about their experiences, it made me think about my own journey.

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Topics: Test Teams, Workplace Diversity, Inclusion

Importance of Software Quality - What Does ‘Quality’ Mean?

Posted by Tony Simms on 17/04/2023

Introduction: Exploring the Significance of Software Quality

We talk about 'quality' quite a bit in our line of work, we talk about:

  • Quality assurance
  • QA & Test
  • Improving quality
  • Ensuring quality
  • The quality of the software
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Topics: Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Test Teams

Team Engagement - Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Posted by Renée Martin on 28/06/2022

When should you engage with the testing team on waterfall projects?

I appreciate that most software development these days is done using the 'agile methodology' or a variation thereof. With agile, the testing team is (or at least should be) heavily involved with every sprint.

However, many organisations also deliver other types of projects that don’t have a continuous development path. These are one-and-done projects like bringing in or patching a 3rd party’s software; upgrading or replacing hardware or a whole range of changes that can impact your user base.

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