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Testing - Past & Present

Posted by Jane Kelly on 27/01/2022

Recently, I’ve been reflecting upon the evolving software testing role. Here are my reflections, some of which may be present in your organisation.

The Role Definition

Historically, the role was defined as a ‘Tester’ or a ‘Test Analyst/Software Test Analyst.’ In recent years, it’s changed to ‘Software Engineer.’ The role has evolved along with technology and now requires a degree of programming knowledge. The original remit was fairly set and involved reading, questioning, analysing and lots of manual keying. Current day requires automation skills for data creation, performance testing, use of API automation and generic regression test execution.

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Topics: Software Testing, Remote Working, Tech Roles

Working at Home - 3 State Modes

Posted by The nFocus Team on 11/01/2022

Introduction: Transitioning to Remote Work

With the Government’s latest announcement to move to ‘Plan B’ restrictions amid fears of Omicron variant infections, I thought it would be good to talk about my own personal experience of working at home during the pandemic.

I’ve now been working from home since Boris made his initial announcement in March 2020, ordering people to stay at home. At the time, I was working in Manchester as a Test Manager. We had a great test team, good relationships with the clients and frequent social activities in the evenings.

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Topics: Software Testing, Remote Working, Working from Home

Returning to the Office - do we really need to?

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 16/03/2021

Adapting to Changing Work Environment Expectations

Our guest writer, Renée Mineart explores how and where we work has changed. There has been a lot of discussion lately at work about returning to work or perhaps I should say returning to the office and considering the new lockdown exit plan announced recently, I imagine a lot of you are thinking about this as well.

In fact, the topic came up in a department-wide meeting this week and our Head of IT said something really interesting: “Work should be something we do, not somewhere we go.” I thought that defined work really rather well.
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Topics: Software Testing, Remote Working, Returning to the office

But, That's Impossible!

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 8/12/2020

Where Does That's Impossible Come From?

Today, we welcome back our popular guest writer, Renée Mineart.

Impossible is one of my favourite words. I like the word because it has a literal meaning, and a figurative meaning that we use on a regular basis. The thing is, people often think they are using the literal meaning when actually they are using the figurative meaning!

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Topics: Software Testing, Remote Working

The Importance of Frivolity in a Virtual Work Environment

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 28/04/2020

Keeping Up Morale While in Lockdown 

I hope you don’t mind if I divert slightly from the topics of User Acceptance Testing, Sprint Cycles and other software testing subjects, to discuss the very important topic of keeping up morale while in lockdown (a.k.a. being a bit silly).

In this time of global crisis, we must remember to laugh from time to time and remember that we are, at our core, social creatures.

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Topics: Software Testing, Remote Working, Working from Home

How to Keep Your Test Plan on Track With a Remote Team

Posted by The nFocus Team on 26/03/2020

Establishing Clear Communication Channels and Expectations

We’re fortunate in testing that we generally follow a well-defined process, have clear role definitions and test tools to support us. Our test tools record activity, manage planned and current activity, and support communication between teams and individuals. This is in the form of bugs and passed & failed tests. The process is there to steer us safely through difficult periods of a project when many people around us may be making irrational decisions.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, Remote Working

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