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Prioritisation, Impact Analysis & Dependency

Posted by Jane Kelly on 27/07/2023

How to Utilise Impact Analysis & Dependency for Maximum Benefit

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a few musings around prioritisation, impact analysis and dependency in testing. This topic is of great interest to me because it affects so much of our lives, we do it naturally with varying success; depending upon our core values and many other variables. These includes aspirations, age, upbringing, genetics, level of responsibilities, consequences and experience. We are all consumers and users subconsciously testing the products available on the market, prioritising those which are important to us and our perception of how much value is to be received in using those carefully selected products.

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Software Quality Challenges: What could be raised as a red flag?

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 7/03/2023

Introduction to Software Quality Challenges

This week's blog comes from our guest writer, Renee Mineart. 

I am often (far too often if you ask me) heard saying to my colleagues the phrase, ‘should is my favourite IT word’. 

I normally say this right after someone in development or on a technical team says to me, ‘we’re going to apply this patch and everything should be fine. The customers should not experience any issues.’ or when saying ‘once we’ve installed this new software, the users will just need to reboot and everything should work better than before.’

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Process Improvement - How Testing can help drive Process Improvement

Posted by Richard Turrall on 3/05/2022

The Role of Testing in Process Enhancement

Are you missing something with your testing? Do you know how testing can help drive process improvement as part of a project?

Ok, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, "...well we’ve always done it that way" or ‘"...well, we’ve always done it like that".

If I had even 10p for every time I’d heard either of those from a client, I’d be typing this on a Caribbean beach with Cindy Crawford bringing me half a lager and a complimentary dish of dry roasted nuts! 

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Types of Software Testing - a Glossary - nFocus Blog

Posted by Jane Kelly on 29/06/2021

Types of Software Testing - a Glossary

It's amusing that software testing is a conversation starter or stopper at a party when you exchange details on what you do for a living during first greetings, depending upon whether you meet a fellow ‘techie’ or not! Software testing doesn't have to be daunting; it can be fun and interesting!

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A Real-World intro to SAFe – Part 2

Posted by Paul Raybould on 29/09/2020

Recap: Understanding the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Welcome back to the second part of my blog series, exploring 'Real World SAFe'. This second part picks up from where Part 1 finished so if you haven’t read that yet I’d recommend doing so before reading on.

PI planning
So, we’ve completed our 4 Delivery sprints and we’ve got two days in our calendar for something called PI planning…and it’s offsite…and there’s names on the invite I don’t recognise?

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What is a Software Testing Process?

Posted by Jane Kelly on 26/06/2018

Key Components of Software Testing

The software testing process involves activities categorised into key stages during the evaluation of software quality.

The purpose is to facilitate confidence building and informed decision making by running tests, checking results, finding software bugs (known as defects) and articulating results to stakeholders. The results help to determine if the software is fit for its intended use.

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