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The Benefits of Using a Testing Consultancy

Posted by The nFocus Team on 23/06/2016

Long-Term Support and Collaboration

Every day you hear about companies wanting to run leaner, being first to market and reducing costs along the way but in no way damaging quality. I also consistently hear they can do that with the existing internal staff… now don’t you think that if the internal team had the ability, or appetite or skills they would be doing it already without having to be told…? Bringing in a consultancy acts in many beneficial ways, firstly it plugs any gaps in skills along with bolstering your existing skill set, it also helps to resource peaks in demand without increasing head count but most of all it brings in expertise and new ideas including better ways of tried and tested working.

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Testing Consultancy's Guide to Test Management

Posted by The nFocus Team on 28/04/2016

Exploring the Benefits of Testing Consultancy

It wasn’t that long ago that the World Wide Web was invented, 1990 to be precise. Following that historic invention came the online retailers and online banks to much appreciation of those of us who are pressed for time or simply want to search the web for inspiration. Most high street banks and retailers now report that their online store or bank is their largest customer touch point and real focus on it being the best and most robust is very much in demand.

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