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The Benefits of Using a Testing Consultancy

Posted by The nFocus Team on 23/06/2016

Long-Term Support and Collaboration

Every day you hear about companies wanting to run leaner, being first to market and reducing costs along the way but in no way damaging quality. I also consistently hear they can do that with the existing internal staff… now don’t you think that if the internal team had the ability, or appetite or skills they would be doing it already without having to be told…? Bringing in a consultancy acts in many beneficial ways, firstly it plugs any gaps in skills along with bolstering your existing skill set, it also helps to resource peaks in demand without increasing head count but most of all it brings in expertise and new ideas including better ways of tried and tested working.

The Benefits of Using a Testing Consultancy

Believe it or not, deciding not to use a testing consultancy can be more expensive than using one. Imagine you decide to use test automation to improve your time to market, reduce manual effort and to reduce costs but you set up a framework that isn’t future proof or fit for purpose and the tool selection was a poor one. How much would it cost to put right? Not only that, what about the maintainability, how hard will it to be to maintain six months from now, what happens if your key automator who created the poor framework leaves, how hard is going to be to take over his work?

With regards to automation, there are many, many tools out there, ranging from licenced products to freeware, all of them have some advantages. Some are functionally rich, some work well on obscure software applications, some integrate better than others into your defect management tool, so making the right choice is vital. Once you have the tool selected, what about the framework? Taking a pile of manual scripts and automating them will give you the same results as before just slightly faster, creating a robust framework will ensure you can improve the coverage, the number of test and overall quality of the regression pack, so again get it right at the beginning. Lastly, once the tool is selected and the framework in place, make sure the team can all use it, create the user guides and provide the right training so that you have no single points of failure.

So now you are thinking perhaps I should reach out to a testing consultancy, at least to verify your solution works and that the master plan has been thought through thoroughly. As part of nFocus consultancy solution for automation you would get a Return On Investment (ROI) assessment along with a tool selection comparison, a roadmap to success and a working demo if required. Don’t leave things to chance, use specialists to complement and enhance your team to ensure success.

If you require assistance or help in understanding our consultancy and working out what will be best for your organisation, then do contact nFocus Testing for a consultation. 

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