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A Performance Test Plan Template

Posted by The nFocus Team on 12/07/2018

Overview of Performance Testing Objectives and Scope

I hope you find this Performance Test Plan template helpful. Please use it wisely. You see, I have mixed feelings about template test plans – performance or otherwise.

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Topics: Software Testing, test plan template, Load and Performance Testing

Testing The Test Plan Template

Posted by Jane Kelly on 22/05/2018

Introduction to Test Planning

A test plan is used in the software testing process and sets out intentions regarding software testing activity targeting a software release implementation. Releases typically provide system changes and fixes to be implemented to enhance the business operations experience. We use test plans to help demonstrate that a system or product is developed as per the requirements and specifications.

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Topics: Software Testing, test plan template

I Love It When A 'Test Plan Template' Comes Together!

Posted by The nFocus Team on 24/01/2017

Unleashing the Power of a Test Plan Template

Firstly, a test plan, in simple terms, is a testing project plan for all the testing works that need to be achieved during any of the test phases; the test plan will not address test design, nor detail the low-level details of say a Test Case or Test Script. It is however vital that you have a good test plan template so that you always start right and have the required sections in the template to allow you to: 

  1. Be thorough
  2. Use the latest version of the document thus giving you the best opportunity to cover of all the details required for that Testing Phase.
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Topics: Software Testing, test plan template

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