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Data Storage - Effects of Growing Digital Capacities

Posted by Peter Deng on 17/05/2022

Response to sorting my digital weight – an observation into our growing digital weight & the impacts it may bring to our general lifestyle

This is a response to another article written by Asmita Dixit, which I recommend reading first to get a better understanding of the context to this blog post. You can read it here.

A comparison of digital weight & physical weight i.e. spring cleaning

“Digital Age” as a term is commonly understood by many to reflect how we live our lives now but the implication is quite profound when we compare what was before the digital age. It would be quite comical to call the previous age “the physical age” in contrast to now but maybe the importance isn’t in naming an era of human time but what we gained and what we might lose.

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Topics: Software Testing, Regression Testing, Data Storage

Regression Testing – What Is It and Best Practice

Posted by The nFocus Team on 20/11/2019

Guidelines for Implementing Regression Testing

Regression testing is performed to verify that a code change executed in the software does not impact the existing functionality of the product. By regression testing, you are making sure that the product works fine with new functionality, any bug fixes or changes with existing features. Previously executed test cases are re-executed in order to verify the impact of change has not adversely affected existing functionality.

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Topics: Software Testing, Regression Testing

An Introduction to the Importance of Regression Testing

Posted by The nFocus Team on 16/04/2019

A Beginner's Guide to Regression Testing

OK, so I’ve decided to write something about regression testing, what it is, what it does, why and how do we do it. So as the song goes, “Let’s start at the very beginning”.

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Topics: Software Testing, Regression Testing

Regression Testing - What Is It?

Posted by The nFocus Team on 17/04/2018

How to Get Started with Regression Testing

Regression testing is something that sounds so simple, so logical and an activity that should be obvious to what it entails. Yet time and time again, it is something that can cause problems for projects and software delivery. Usually in the time it takes to run the tests, inappropriate tests being used for regression or the very fact that there may be no regression suite to even execute.

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Topics: Software Testing, Regression Testing

Regression Testing in Agile

Posted by The nFocus Team on 10/11/2016

Protecting Original Functionality

When moving from a traditional Waterfall methodology approach to Agile development, there is an important need to get your house in order to cope with the very iterative testing approach that Agile brings. Having a well thought out Test Strategy and having a Test Plan that will cater for the fast pace of code change will be essential in ensuring that original functionality remains working correctly and newly applied changes are equally tested to a satisfactory level.
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