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Software Quality Challenges: What could be raised as a red flag?

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 7/03/2023

Introduction to Software Quality Challenges

This week's blog comes from our guest writer, Renee Mineart. 

I am often (far too often if you ask me) heard saying to my colleagues the phrase, ‘should is my favourite IT word’. 

I normally say this right after someone in development or on a technical team says to me, ‘we’re going to apply this patch and everything should be fine. The customers should not experience any issues.’ or when saying ‘once we’ve installed this new software, the users will just need to reboot and everything should work better than before.’

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Testing Room 101

Posted by Jane Kelly on 7/10/2020

What would we put in Room 101...

Today’s blog is about pet 'computer experience' hates, ’Better out than in!’ so they say. Let's refer to it as my ‘Testing Room 101’ target list. 

The reality is, these are experienced by people across the board and not just software testers, of course! Perhaps the line of work of a software tester makes them more noticeable or perhaps they subconsciously look for them. There’s nothing like a good rant to get things off your chest when things are annoying, so here goes! How many of these are on your pet hate list?

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Navigating Software Failures

Posted by The nFocus Team on 8/09/2016

Don't Let Software Failures Keep Your Company Grounded - Literally

High profile technical glitches seem to be dominating the headlines recently, but for a company to suffer three software failures in as many months and bring untold misery to people all around the world is no laughing matter. British Airways new ‘FLY' check in system, suffered a global issue and many flights were delayed and planes literally grounded (again, ahem).
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