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My Thoughts on Increasing Test Maturity and What it Means to Me Part 2

Posted by Scott Summers on 12/05/2020

In my last post I wrote about winning the hearts and minds of those people affected by the operational and organisational change that’s needed to increase test maturity. I discussed the emotional and psychological impact of change and how, in my experience, the behaviour of those people impacted by the change but who don’t support it, tends to follow the model proposed by Kübler-Ross. This model was originally hypothesised to recognise the series of emotions experienced by terminally ill patients after being told of their prognosis but has more recently been adopted by the change management community.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Maturity

My Thoughts on Increasing Test Maturity and What it Means to Me

Posted by Scott Summers on 30/04/2020

The thing I most enjoy about my job as a Test and QA consultant is delivering organisational change. This usually involves increasing test maturity and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this kind of work with many clients - from multinational investment banks and utility suppliers to small software houses. Delivering organisational change allows me to be creative, operate on a macro scale, influence decisions and work with people on an emotional level. This is very different to, and is a refreshing change from, the regular testing, test planning and test management that is the bread and butter of a test consultant. I find it fun, interesting and challenging.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Maturity

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