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Reduce Test Documentation: Strategies for Success

Posted by Tony Simms on 27/07/2023

Expert Tips on Reducing Documentation 

As a test manager, for many years, my life has revolved around paper... requirements, documents and reports. I even had the poster!

I must admit I found comfort in my templates and checklists but then came agile! In an agile world, the focus is on delivering working software quickly and efficiently.  Agile methodologies encourage collaboration and communication between team members, including End Users, Testers, Developers and Product Owners. One of the key principles of agile is to value working software over comprehensive documentation. 

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Topics: Software Testing, Testing Techniques, Test Requirements

Kipling, not cakes but 5 Ws and H

Posted by Tony Simms on 6/04/2022

Tips for Making the Most of 5 Ws & H

Do you know the poem that starts?

“I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.”

These six fundamental questions can serve you very well when creating user stories. They can be particularly useful if used in a group setting. Even more so if the group has wide representation across the various stakeholder groups. In fact, having input from a mixed group is particularly important if you are looking to get comprehensive user stories that everyone can agree to.

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Test Requirements - When the Answer is more important than the Question

Posted by Tony Simms on 12/11/2021

Understanding the Purpose of Test Requirements

Sometimes, testers are required to think outside the box. Maybe they don’t have test requirements or don’t have sufficient data; or maybe it’s simply a case of unscripted, exploratory testing. Whatever the reason, they are expected to use their testing superpower to interrogate the system and provide some answers…

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