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Managing Conflict: Tips & Tricks

Posted by Tony Simms on 13/11/2022

What Are the Best Practices for Managing Conflict?

Yes, this really happened! I was working on a huge government project, and along with the Chief Acceptance Officer for the program, I was visiting a supplier to sign off the acceptance of their data centre.

The plan was that:

  • The supplier would present the evidence of testing.
  • I would confirm that I had checked it all and that it was good to go.
  • The Acceptance Officer would sign off on the report.
  • The supplier would get a cheque for £20 million in the post!
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What makes an Effective Software Test Consultant?

Posted by Richard Turrall on 28/09/2022

The Essential Qualities of an Effective Software Test Consultant

Being involved with the selection days for our prospective SDET Graduates got me thinking about what people expect a career in testing to be and how they can be effective in this space. So, if you are considering moving into testing, what makes an effective Software Test Consultant? Good question! Wish I knew - I might have been one! 

Seriously though, that's not an easy question to answer. Every situation is different. Every client or project throws up different challenges. Testing is so broad with so many disciplines and aspects to it. However, if you are considering a career in it, some fundamentals hold true across the board. We'll try to cover some of them here...

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Testing - Past & Present

Posted by Jane Kelly on 27/01/2022

Recently, I’ve been reflecting upon the evolving software testing role. Here are my reflections, some of which may be present in your organisation.

The Role Definition

Historically, the role was defined as a ‘Tester’ or a ‘Test Analyst/Software Test Analyst.’ In recent years, it’s changed to ‘Software Engineer.’ The role has evolved along with technology and now requires a degree of programming knowledge. The original remit was fairly set and involved reading, questioning, analysing and lots of manual keying. Current day requires automation skills for data creation, performance testing, use of API automation and generic regression test execution.

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'It's only logical thinking, Captain'

Posted by Tony Simms on 29/11/2021

Introduction: Exploring the Power of Logical Thinking

Being a tester requires a whole mix of skills. Nowadays, it requires as many soft skills as it does technical skills. For example, a tester should not just have the ability to find defects, they should also have the ability to present their findings and ability to solve problems.

One incredibly important attribute a tester must have an aspect of logical thinking or an ability to think logically. 

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Career in Software Testing - How Did You Get Started?

Posted by Tony Simms on 13/07/2021

Early Influences and Discoveries: Paving the Path to Testing

For me, it was a camping holiday and a guy in a field, hooked up to the internet… way back in 1995, but let me ask you…

How did you get into testing?

It’s a question I often ask new team members about their career in software testing. In the old days, many arrived in testing as a result of being a User Tester for new software that their company was rolling out. In more recent years, the answers have been much more focused around having trained in an IT discipline and then choosing to specialise in a test role.

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For the Love of Problem Solving

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 16/02/2021

How to Find Joy in Problem Solving

A special thanks to our guest writer, Renée Mineart for writing this blog article. 

Someone asked me recently what I enjoy most about being a Developer and Tester, and I thought what a great topic for a blog!

So, here we are…

For me, pretty much everything I do comes down to one of two motivations: either creating something new or solving a problem. Often, the thing I’m creating is designed to solve a problem, so most things really come down to solving problems, which is one of my passions in life.

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