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Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly
Jane is part of our team based in Norwich and first started working in testing in 2002 with Aviva after working for a year as a Business Release Manager. It was here that Jane earned a Prince 2 Practitioner certification and gained formal software testing qualifications to Intermediate Level. Jane also worked as a Lead Test Analyst at Williams Lea, amongst other companies, before moving to nFocus in 2015 to take up a testing engineer role. Over her time in testing, Jane has picked up vast amounts of experience in many different aspects of the Delivery Life Cycle including Systems Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing, amongst other things. Specialising in Integration Testing, usually web based interfaces with financial back office systems, print, MI, email and mobile/device testing, Jane is always willing to go that extra mile to make sure the job is done well. Jane was also a finalist for Tester of the Year at the 2016 DevelopHer Awards. Something all of us here at nFocus are immensely proud of her for. Outside of work Jane enjoys fitness related activities such as running races, cycling, swimming and personal development. Jane also hugely enjoys scuba diving and is hoping to work towards a scuba diving qualification. As if all this wasn't enough Jane is also aiming to learn to do water colour painting.
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Sorry, did you say puppies?! An alternative intro to Testing.

Posted by Jane Kelly on 11/11/2020

Today we welcome back nFocus’ Jane Kelly with a blog on software testing and puppies!

Rather an odd combination isn’t it? The idea came about as my young daughter asked me what a blog was, and then what I was writing about. She suggested that someone should write a blog about testing and puppies, as she has been puppy crazy since a toddler.

So here goes, an alternative look at the synergies with puppies and software testing!

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Topics: User Acceptance Testing, softwaretesting

Mobile Testing

Posted by Jane Kelly on 13/10/2020

Today, I’d like to blog about mobile testing. Like many of you out there, I am a frequent mobile user and I would feel considerably inconvenienced were I to be without it for even just a few hours! 


The market is flooded with mobile hand-held devices, and we rely so heavily on them for so many reasons- communication, diary bookings, notes, reminders, security and protection, emergencies, socialising, learning, entertainment, sleep, relaxation and so on.



It would be extremely time consuming to test each function on every make, model and operating system combination. As a result, regression testing can become a blocker to putting new releases live. Mancompanies limit their testing of new products, fixes, and changes to a defined list of the most popular supported device makes and models. Some companies work with Testing Services Providers to support a robust testing process, often using test automation, with advice on choosing, introduction, implementationmaintenance, monitoring and management of tools that are tailored to suite the organisational needs of budget, timescales and strategic targets.  

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, Mobile App Testing

Testing Room 101

Posted by Jane Kelly on 7/10/2020

Today’s blog is about pet computer experience hates, ’Better out than in!’ so, they say. Let's refer to it as my ‘Testing Room 101’ target list. 

The reality is these are experienced by people across the board and not just software testers of course! Perhaps the line of work of a software tester makes them more noticeable, or perhaps they subconsciously look for them.
There’s nothing like a good rant to get things off your chest when things are annoying, so here goes! How many of these are on your pet hate list?

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Topics: Software Testing, Peformance Testing, Software Failures, improve software testing

An Introduction to Testing and the Role of a QA Tester

Posted by Jane Kelly on 11/09/2020

Today we welcome back Jane Kelly, who writes about her experience as a QA Tester.

The role of a QA Tester is to review and analyse new or changed software applications, products, mobile devices, and more, and to look for defects, or issues so that these can be resolved before a software change delivery is released for operational use.

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Topics: Quality Assurance, softwaretesting, QA Testing

Tracking, Tracing, Testing!

Posted by Jane Kelly on 29/07/2020

Today we welcome back Jane Kelly who dives into the fascinating world of Track & Trace.

Track & Trace has been heavily reported on in the news, and it has made me think about some of the synergies with Software Testing. Tracking can be thought of in terms of the emerging path of what is being analysed, where its current state is, and where it is likely to end up. Like testing, tracking requires many different measures to provide value.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques, Digital Transformation

All I Want for Christmas is a Decent Set of Requirements...

Posted by Jane Kelly on 18/12/2019

That’s not technically true… I’d love to spend time with family, eat chocolates and open a small selection of functional, relevant and meaningful gifts along with a stack of Christmas Pudding and brandy butter and maybe user acceptance test a glass or two of Baileys! 

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Topics: Software Testing, Requirements Validation

An Overview Of Test Management Tools

Posted by Jane Kelly on 25/07/2018

Test management tools are resources used to help manage software testing activities and make them easier and faster to perform. They help to save time and money so that people/applications and other resources involved in actively testing can use their time more effectively.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Management Tools

What is a Software Testing Process?

Posted by Jane Kelly on 26/06/2018

The software testing process involves activities categorised into key stages during the evaluation of software quality.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Test Process

Testing The Test Plan Template

Posted by Jane Kelly on 22/05/2018

A test plan is used in the software testing process and sets out intentions regarding software testing activity targeting a software release implementation. Releases typically provide system changes and fixes to be implemented to enhance the business operations experience. We use test plans to help demonstrate that a system or product is developed as per the requirements and specifications.

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Topics: Software Testing, test plan template

Test Automation Benefits - Spring In To Action

Posted by Jane Kelly on 19/02/2018

As we rapidly approach the new spring season with vigour, there's never a better time to revisit areas in our work/home lives and look at applying a fresh approach to make improvements.

The same can be said for software testing and exploring fresh ways of being innovative in the use of processes, tools and methodologies applied. The new financial year can bring new opportunities to invest in improvement initiatives and the fresh new spring season can often give rise to renewed energy, open mindsets, renewed commitment to try and apply new strategies and look to reduce none value-add activities.

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Topics: Software Testing, TEST AUTOMATION BENEFITS

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