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Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly
Jane is part of our team based in Norwich and first started working in testing in 2002 with Aviva after working for a year as a Business Release Manager. It was here that Jane earned a Prince 2 Practitioner certification and gained formal software testing qualifications to Intermediate Level. Jane also worked as a Lead Test Analyst at Williams Lea, amongst other companies, before moving to nFocus in 2015 to take up a testing engineer role. Over her time in testing, Jane has picked up vast amounts of experience in many different aspects of the Delivery Life Cycle including Systems Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing, amongst other things. Specialising in Integration Testing, usually web based interfaces with financial back office systems, print, MI, email and mobile/device testing, Jane is always willing to go that extra mile to make sure the job is done well. Jane was also a finalist for Tester of the Year at the 2016 DevelopHer Awards. Something all of us here at nFocus are immensely proud of her for. Outside of work Jane enjoys fitness related activities such as running races, cycling, swimming and personal development. Jane also hugely enjoys scuba diving and is hoping to work towards a scuba diving qualification. As if all this wasn't enough Jane is also aiming to learn to do water colour painting.
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Tracking, Tracing, Testing!

Posted by Jane Kelly on 29/07/2020

Today we welcome back Jane Kelly who dives into the fascinating world of Track & Trace.

Track & Trace has been heavily reported on in the news and it has made me think about some of the synergies with Software Testing. Tracking can be thought of in terms of the emerging path of what is being analysed, where its current state is, and where it is likely to end up. Like testing, tracking requires many different measures to provide value.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques, Digital Transformation

All I Want for Christmas is a Decent Set of Requirements...

Posted by Jane Kelly on 18/12/2019

All I Want for Christmas is a Decent Set of Requirements...

That’s not technically true… I’d love to spend time with family, eat chocolates and open a small selection of functional, relevant and meaningful gifts along with a stack of Christmas Pudding and brandy butter and maybe user acceptance test a glass or two of Baileys! 

However, as we hurtle along towards the festive season at an astonishing rate, I’d like to blog about requirements in software testing as they are so crucial to getting a good outcome, but so often hard to obtain. 

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Topics: Software Testing, Requirements Validation

An Overview Of Test Management Tools

Posted by Jane Kelly on 25/07/2018

Test management tools are resources used to help manage software testing activities and make them easier and faster to perform. They help to save time and money so that people/applications and other resources involved in actively testing can use their time more effectively.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Management Tools

What is a Software Testing Process?

Posted by Jane Kelly on 26/06/2018

The software testing process involves activities categorised into key stages during the evaluation of software quality.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Test Process

Testing The Test Plan Template

Posted by Jane Kelly on 22/05/2018

A test plan is used in the software testing process and sets out intentions regarding software testing activity targeting a software release implementation. Releases typically provide system changes and fixes to be implemented to enhance the business operations experience. We use test plans to help demonstrate that a system or product is developed as per the requirements and specifications.

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Topics: Software Testing, test plan template

Test Automation Advantages - Spring into Action

Posted by Jane Kelly on 19/02/2018

Test Automation Advantages - Spring into Action

As we are in the middle of the spring season, there's never a better time to revisit areas in our work/home lives and look at applying a fresh approach to make improvements.

The same can be said for software testing and exploring fresh ways of being innovative in the use of processes, tools and methodologies applied. The new financial year can bring new opportunities to invest in improvement initiatives and the spring season can often give rise to renewed energy, open mindsets, renewed commitment to try and apply new strategies and look to reduce none value-add activities.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, TEST AUTOMATION BENEFITS

Test Automation Benefits - Time Is Money

Posted by Jane Kelly on 16/05/2017

Increasingly across all industries, companies are striving to achieve smarter, faster, more effective operations throughout their business. The importance of quality speed to market deliveries and reliable, timely, management information is so critical in supporting the foundations for success. A professional review of your business testing operations is an excellent way to get quality, independant support in achieving those strategic goals.

Testing support can be integrated within your business to suit your needs, costs and timescales. This can be at process mapping level; for example, looking at your procedures and at pitfalls you wish to eliminate from your business environment, or it can be at test automation level where test data and or scripts can be created and run in high volumes automatically - even over night without being attended by a member of staff.

Automation of test scripts is particularly beneficial in giving early indication of the level of quality in the delivery and can aid key decision making, which has a direct influence on the outcome for your projects. The set-up of automated testing enables concurrent processing to simulate multiple users, platforms and other important configurations. Test automation benefits include that it saves time, money and can be targeted across the most important functional areas giving you a great breadth of coverage and a level of assurance and confidence at an early stage. In addition to speed and cost benefits the re-usable aspects of automation mean that realisation of these cost benefits are utilised time and time again with minimal overhead maintenance.

MI metrics and the capturing of them is very tricky or hard to quantify as each project is different, so the real benefits are ‘value adds’, which is something many employees cannot measure either through lack of experience outside their employer or lack of training. This is where a consultancy can add value over existing staff rather than incur additional direct costs, which require extra time and money.

At nFocus we can demonstrate a wealth of experience in offering a complete testing service including areas such as planning, estimating, execution, release and post implementation. We also offer bespoke testing consultancy for those looking for specialised support in specific areas. Our extensive expertise and well qualified professionals within the team can advise and support your business on all facets of automation, performance, security, mobile and device testing in addition to manual testing practices, future proofing and scalability. This means we can save you money and that money can be reinvested within your organisation.

The impacts of not approaching testing operations correctly can cost a colossal amount, which can damage your base line profit margins and your commercial reputation. Getting the right help from the right sources at the right time is vital. It is important to engage experienced and established professionals who can demonstrate helping clientele with their testing challenges and evidence valued trusted relationships built upon the successful partnerships, whilst also saving you money and time.

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Topics: Software Testing, TEST AUTOMATION BENEFITS

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