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GDPR - Six Top Tips for the Software Delivery Team

Posted by Ryan James on 29/03/2018

With such a deluge of content available right now on the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, this article has been written for anyone involved in the development, testing and implementation of software within the UK.

First up, I’m going to assume by reading this article you’re aware of the basics. I’m assuming you are aware that from May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force and will dramatically change how organisations process and store personal data within the UK. I’m also going to assume you’re aware of the significant fines that will be handed out by the ICO should you fail to comply. Often overlooked are the powers the ICO have to impose a range of corrective powers and sanctions to enforce the GDPR. These include issuing warnings and reprimands; imposing a temporary or permanent ban on data processing; ordering the rectification, restriction or erasure of data; and suspending data transfers to third countries. Obviously this is an important aspect and could very well leads to a significant loss of revenue. 

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Topics: GDPR, Test Data

Software Testing at DevOps World

Posted by Ryan James on 1/11/2016

nFocus are delighted to be showcasing their innovative testing services at DevOps World taking place in London on 2nd November.

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Topics: DevOps and Testing, DevOps

nFocus DevOps & Automation Session For Microsoft Tech Days

Posted by Ryan James on 8/09/2016
On Tuesday 13th September, nFocus' very own  Danny Crone will be speaking for Microsoft Tech Days! He will be delivering a session on DevOps and Automation, the title and synopsis of which you can find below.
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Topics: DevOps and Testing, test automation, DevOps

Benefits of Agile – Managing a Marketing Team using Scrum

Posted by Ryan James on 2/09/2016

As a multi-award winning software testing consultancy, nFocus live and breathe Agile. So much so that we decided to run our Marketing Team using Scrum. If you're interesting in learning about the benefits of adopting Agile from a testing perspective, check out this white paper instead. 

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Topics: Agile,, Scrum, Testing, Agile Test Strategy, Benefits of Agile

Agile Test Strategy: The Quality Challenges with Agile and Scrum

Posted by Ryan James on 21/07/2016

In today's post I thought it would be useful to consider Agile Test Strategy and the quality challenges associated with implementing Agile and Scrum. If you have time, we would also recommend taking a read of the white paper - The quality challenges associated with implementing Agile and Scrum

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Topics: Agile,, Agile Test Strategy

Agile Test Strategy Part three – Definition of ‘Done’

Posted by Ryan James on 24/03/2016

Here's the final part in our mini-series on Agile Test Strategy. If you've missed the previous posts, we recommend you read part one and part two

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Topics: Agile,, Agile Test Strategy

Agile Test Strategy part two – Test, Test and Test again

Posted by Ryan James on 16/03/2016

Here's the second in our series of bitesize blog articles on Agile Test Strategy. If you missed the first one, you can read it here

Now that you are ‘Ready’ to test, you want to test as often and effectively as you can; not only will this increase the chance that you'll find defects but will improve application quality. In the short-term your costs will increase as you’ll need to set up a defined framework and create re-usable test artefacts…

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Topics: Software Testing, Scrum, Agile Test Strategy

Agile Test Strategy – Definition of ‘Ready’

Posted by Ryan James on 10/03/2016

Welcome to the first in a series of bitesize articles we're writing on Agile and Testing.

Creating a robust and practical Agile Test Strategy should exist in all organisations that employ an Agile approach to delivering projects and programmes of work. Being ‘Ready’ to test is vital to the success, having just a set of requirements isn’t enough….

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Topics: Agile,, Agile Test Strategy

Testing and Agile Project Management

Posted by Ryan James on 3/03/2016

Agile Project Management is the focus on producing a quality product by the continuous improvement, project team support, and providing flexibility in the requirements and scope, not to mention ensuring testing is performed in the most dynamic and efficient way possible to produce the desired outcomes. Performing good Agile Project Management is very important, to embrace the main principals of Agile to ensure the customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery and to provide the best chance of the customer's competitive advantage by being first to market with new and innovating products and services.

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Topics: Agile,, Agile Project Management

DevOps and Testing: Demystifying DevOps & Improving Software Quality

Posted by Ryan James on 26/02/2016

Now, let me guess? Whilst you are reading this article you can name a project that has run late, ran out of budget, not met the requirements, generally underperformed against budget or proved problematic when put live?

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Topics: DevOps and Testing

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