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Agile Test Strategy Part Two

Posted by Ryan James on 16/03/2016
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Test, Test and Test Again

Here's the second in our series of bitesize blog articles on Agile Test Strategy. If you missed the first one, you can read it here

Now that you are ‘Ready’ to test, you want to test as often and effectively as you can; not only will this increase the chance that you'll find defects but will improve application quality. In the short-term your costs will increase as you’ll need to set up a defined framework and create re-usable test artefacts…

…although costs increase initially, investing in testing does reduce the overall cost of ownership of an application due to improved quality. Getting your automation strategy right and being able to run a set of defined, well established tests at a push of a button will reduce costs and time to market…

…with Agile you want to do just enough testing for your situation; a cosmetic change would not require a full regression test whereas a change to a payment system might. Invest in your impact assessment and size the job to see what you need to do first before you test…

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