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nFocus DevOps & Automation Session For Microsoft Tech Days

Posted by Ryan James on 8/09/2016
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On Tuesday 13th September, nFocus' very own Danny Crone will be speaking for Microsoft Tech Days! He will be delivering a session on DevOps and Automation, the title and synopsis of which you can find below.
nFocus DevOps & Automation Session For Microsoft Tech Days 
Title: “Supporting DevOps through testing – it’s not just about automating tests!”
Synopsis: DevOps aims to reduce delivery times and achieve greater production stability and reliability, so automated testing is naturally seen as being key to this. While this may be true, just having automated tests is not enough. This session will discuss some of the challenges of automating deployment pipelines such as test environments, test data, deployment tools and success/failure metrics.”
"Taking place from 12-16 September, TechDays Online is Microsoft UK's biggest online conference for techies." Register here
DevOps: Five ways you can improve software quality 

Topics: DevOps and Testing, test automation, DevOps

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