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Agile Test Strategy Part three – Definition of ‘Done’

Posted by Ryan James on 24/03/2016
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Agile Test Strategy Part Three: A Definition and Explanation

Here's the final part in our mini-series on Agile Test Strategy. If you've missed the previous posts, we recommend you read part one and part two

So, you have employed a well-defined Agile Test Strategy and looked at the impact and risk of changes to be made for your project and of course you are testing just enough in the most effective way to prove the requirements have been met to a standard fit for purpose…Right?

…meeting the exit criteria is vital to the success of a project, completion of a User Story will involve testing to have met the exit criteria, which should include looking at metrics like bug severity, number of open defects and coverage levels before moving to the next iteration or sprint, but there’s more…

…production of User Guides and installation guides for the changes made are essential. If a change has been made then it needs to be documented and communicated to the team and the customer, you need to ensure everyone involved understands the change and how that impacts them. Now you are ‘Done’.

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