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Is the Role of Test Manager Facing Extinction in Today's Agile World?

Posted by The nFocus Team on 12/05/2016

So by now you would have realised that projects run using waterfall methodologies are from the Triassic period and Agile is the new kid on the block and here to stay (well for the next six months at least..). And, the traditional role of a Test Manager seems no more, almost extinct like the Tyrannosaurs. But wait, just because testers are working in collaboration with the project teams and reporting, estimating and planning directly with them doesn’t mean the Test Management role is dead as a Dodo, no far from it.

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Agile Test Strategy: When Scrumming, People Do Testing Wrong

Posted by Danny Crone on 19/04/2016

So I get to see lots of different organisations all trying to implement Scrum to varying levels, several themes come out:

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Agile Test Strategy Part three – Definition of ‘Done’

Posted by Ryan James on 24/03/2016

Here's the final part in our mini-series on Agile Test Strategy. If you've missed the previous posts, we recommend you read part one and part two

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Topics: Agile,, Agile Test Strategy

Agile Test Strategy – Definition of ‘Ready’

Posted by Ryan James on 10/03/2016

Welcome to the first in a series of bitesize articles we're writing on Agile and Testing.

Creating a robust and practical Agile Test Strategy should exist in all organisations that employ an Agile approach to delivering projects and programmes of work. Being ‘Ready’ to test is vital to the success, having just a set of requirements isn’t enough….

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Testing and Agile Project Management

Posted by Ryan James on 3/03/2016

Agile Project Management is the focus on producing a quality product by the continuous improvement, project team support, and providing flexibility in the requirements and scope, not to mention ensuring testing is performed in the most dynamic and efficient way possible to produce the desired outcomes. Performing good Agile Project Management is very important, to embrace the main principals of Agile to ensure the customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery and to provide the best chance of the customer's competitive advantage by being first to market with new and innovating products and services.

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Agile Test Strategy: Quality Challenges of Adopting Agile and SCRUM

Posted by Ryan James on 12/02/2016

There have been challenges in the adoption of the Agile principles (an Agile Test Strategy) and Scrum Framework particularly with poor quality of the delivered software. This has resulted in delays and a mismatch of the expectations of stakeholders and delivery teams. There is no specific mention of testing or quality assurance in Agile or Scrum; it is implied as an integral part of the principles and framework. This has caused some confusion resulting in inconsistent approaches to quality management and testing. Often formal testing has been reduced to ad hoc ‘try it and see’ during a sprint. This loses the testing rigour that delivers quality by use of industry accepted full lifecycle testing.

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