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A Candid Look Inside our SDET Academy

Posted by Rachel Morris on 28/02/2024

Welcome to the inner workings of nFocus' SDET Academy! I'm Rachel, the Marketing Lead here at nFocus, and I'm excited to give you an authentic glimpse into our innovative program designed to bridge the gap in Technical Testers.

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Software Testing Round-Up of 2023

Posted by The nFocus Team on 12/12/2023

Top Articles of 2023: A Year in Review

In the ever-evolving realm of software testing, 2023 was a year of change. nFocus witnessed significant developments in various areas and throughout the year, we’ve made it our mission to provide commentary of what we’ve been seeing along with providing our insights.

As we enter 2024, we’ve analysed the viewing patterns of our blog visitors and wanted to share our most read articles of 2023. This includes…

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Topics: Software Testing, SDET, Future Trends

Test Automation Recruitment Challenges & Talent Shortage

Posted by Ryan James on 1/11/2023

Insights on Recruiting Test Automation Personnel

As a business, we take pride in actively listening to our clients, prospective clients, and team members to ensure that we are consistently providing the right services to meet the evolving needs of our industry.

Through this approach, we have observed that many individuals and organisations have been facing persistent challenges when it comes to recruiting test automation professionals such as Test Automation Engineers.

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Topics: Software Testing, test automation, SDET

My Journey as a Graduate SDET Consultant

Posted by Dylan Westhead on 3/10/2023

Embracing Challenges and Driving Quality: Introduction

Are you enthusiastic about technology and want to blossom an admirable career rich with opportunities? Would you like some insight into what life is like as an nFocus SDET? If so, look no further.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, SDET

Unlocking the Power of Testing Key Terms

Posted by Jane Kelly on 3/10/2023

A Closer Look at Testing Lifecycle and Key Terms

Hello fellow LinkedIn readers and welcome to thoughts of the day. As a child, I would often engage in word puzzles, anagrams and then later learning testing material we used mnemonics to remember things.

As a spin off at my tea-break, I wrote down the word ‘testing’ and reeled off some key terms that feature heavily in testing. All for some light-hearted reading based upon my many experiences over the years.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Development Life Cycle, Testing Terms

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Posted by Asmita Dixit on 3/10/2023

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace: Are we there yet? 

Since the 1990s, employers have tried consciously to motivate their employees by engaging and empowering them to contribute to their organisations. This was the beginning of the “inclusion” wave which was stirred further by globalisation. As people from different cultures with different identities connected with each other through their employers, the evident “diversity” demanded attention. We, as employees, wanted to be treated equally irrespective of our age, race, language, gender, religious identity or who we choose to love. 

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Teams, Workplace Diversity

The Challenges of Using Live Data for Testing

Posted by Tony Simms on 22/08/2023

The Vitality of UK GDPR Compliance

We have recently revised and updated our privacy policy to ensure that we remain complaint with UK GDPR and other legislations. It's essential that we do so if we wish to maintain the trust of our staff and clients but that got us thinking…

As the demand for efficient testing grows, so does the demand for relevant data to test against. We are aware that many of our clients use a copy of live data in their testing. It makes sense. Live data is relevant as there is plenty of it and it's quick and easy to get hold of.

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Topics: Software Testing, GDPR, Test Data

Test Consultant's Experience of Measuring Software Test Success

Posted by Jane Kelly on 22/08/2023

From the Inside Out - Measuring Software Test Success 

Welcome to my blog about measuring the success of software testing. This is an important topic because it directly puts cost benefit analysis under the spotlight. Cost control is at the forefront of everything we do, so spending needs to be closely managed and justified.

The sub-header, ‘From The Inside Out’, is written from inside the delivery lifecycle and from more than two decades of testing experience, observations and perspective of a Test Consultant.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Consultancy, success

Prioritisation, Impact Analysis & Dependency

Posted by Jane Kelly on 27/07/2023

How to Utilise Impact Analysis & Dependency for Maximum Benefit

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a few musings around prioritisation, impact analysis and dependency in testing. This topic is of great interest to me because it affects so much of our lives, we do it naturally with varying success; depending upon our core values and many other variables. These includes aspirations, age, upbringing, genetics, level of responsibilities, consequences and experience. We are all consumers and users subconsciously testing the products available on the market, prioritising those which are important to us and our perception of how much value is to be received in using those carefully selected products.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Test Process

Reduce Test Documentation: Strategies for Success

Posted by Tony Simms on 27/07/2023

Expert Tips on Reducing Documentation 

As a test manager, for many years, my life has revolved around paper... requirements, documents and reports. I even had the poster!

I must admit I found comfort in my templates and checklists but then came agile! In an agile world, the focus is on delivering working software quickly and efficiently.  Agile methodologies encourage collaboration and communication between team members, including End Users, Testers, Developers and Product Owners. One of the key principles of agile is to value working software over comprehensive documentation. 

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