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Women in IT - My Experience

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 28/01/2021

Today we welcome back our guest writer Renée Mineart with a new blog on Women in IT. 

Have you ever been in a meeting where others would constantly talk over you whenever you try and raise a point? Or had something you said been completely ignored by everyone else in the room? Do you struggle to be taken seriously by your teammates when proposing highly complex solutions?

If you experience any of these conditions on a regular basis, then you might be suffering from being a Woman in IT. Now, you might think this isn’t a real issue or is no longer a reality. Surely, we have, in the 21st century, moved beyond these outdated attitudes towards women. If you think this is no longer an issue in the workplace, then you should probably think again.

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Topics: Software Testing, Women in IT, Workplace Equality

Testing is not always Black & White

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 12/01/2021

We are pleased to have one of our blog writers Renée Mineart, returning with a new blog item ‘Testing is not always Black and White’. It’s a follow-up blog from last month’s piece Black Box Testing Techniques by Jane Kelly which we would recommend reading before proceeding.

The differences between Black Box and White Box testing are not always (…please forgive the pun!) as black and white as the title might suggest. That is to say, even though they are not the same, it’s not a case of one or the other. 

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Topics: Software Testing, Testing Techniques, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing

DevOps Testing Process

Posted by Jane Kelly on 5/01/2021

Introducing you to our first blog of year 2021, created by one of our blog writers, Jane Kelly who explores the topic of DevOps, its benefits and different types of roles. 

DevOps can be described as a set of working practices which combines Development and IT Operations. It brings people, processes and technology closer together, which is renowned for offering higher value to customers and achieving costs.

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Topics: Software Testing, DevOps and Testing, DevOps

Black Box Testing Techniques

Posted by Jane Kelly on 15/12/2020

Today we welcome back Jane Kelly with a new blog on Black Box testing.

Welcome to the world of Black Box testing! It remains one of my firm favourites, because it’s a method of software testing that looks at the functions of an application. It doesn’t delve into the murky and technical depths of the internal structure, nor does it dive into detailed workings within the design or code.

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Topics: Software Testing, Testing Techniques, Black Box Testing

But, That's Impossible!

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 8/12/2020

Today we welcome back our popular guest writer, Renée Mineart.

Impossible is one of my favourite words. I like the word because it has a literal meaning, and a figurative meaning that we use on a regular basis. The thing is, people often think they are using the literal meaning when actually they are using the figurative meaning!

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Topics: Software Testing, Remote Working

A Real-World intro to SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework - Part 3

Posted by Paul Raybould on 24/11/2020

Paul Raybould is back with the final section of 'A Real-World intro to SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework' series. 

Hello everyone!

Here’s the last part in my series on Scaled Agile Framework. In this last part, I cover a range of topics including Inspect and Adapt, Measuring Flow and other useful principles to consider. If you haven’t read the first two parts, do check out part 1 and part 2 before reading on.

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Topics: Agile,, Software Testing, DevOps and Testing

UAT: Ring Fencing Resources

Posted by Renée Elizabeth Mineart on 18/11/2020

Today we welcome back our popular guest author, Renée Mineart.

There are many, many challenges in developing and delivering a successful application. That’s what makes it interesting, if you ask me. One of the greatest of these challenges, in my experience, is time management (apart from a planet wide pandemic of course!).

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Topics: Software Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Resourcing

Sorry, did you say puppies?! An Alternative Intro to Testing

Posted by Jane Kelly on 11/11/2020

Today we welcome back nFocus’ Jane Kelly with a blog on software testing and puppies!

Rather an odd combination isn’t it? The idea came about as my young daughter asked me what a blog was, and then what I was writing about. She suggested that someone should write a blog about testing and puppies, as she has been puppy crazy since a toddler.

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Topics: User Acceptance Testing, softwaretesting

Productivity in 2020

Posted by The nFocus Team on 29/10/2020

Today we welcome back Scott Summers with his advice on maintaining productivity in 2020.

A question that I’m being asked a lot at the moment is “how can I maintain (or increase) the productivity of my test team when they are working from home?”. The following are a few things that I've been considering recently and hope you find them useful.

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Topics: Test Manager, productivity

Testing times? Musings on Working from Home

Posted by Kyla Rice on 27/10/2020

Today we welcome nFocus employee, Kyla Rice with her 'Musings on Working from Home'. 

Like many of you I have found myself working from home since lockdown began in March. Fortunately, this did not fill me with dread, as I was fortunate to already have the flexibility of working from home as needed.

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Topics: testing times

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