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The Growing Importance of Having A Digital Test Strategy

Posted by The nFocus Team on 10/02/2017

Maximising Your Results with a Digital Test Strategy

By the time you have read to the end of this article, you can be very assured that someone somewhere has either launched a new app, created a new phone, put their services into the Cloud or Internet enabled a ‘Thing’. This gives us a problem; an advancement of digital tech is forcing every company to rethink their testing strategies, leave it too late to change and you risk being left behind in the market place and that’s not a place you want to be, nor does the board and shareholders…

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Customers and End Users alike want high quality applications that seamlessly integrate first time. Testing was once a project supporter, now it’s the driving force of key strategies and the way in which projects are delivered. Ask yourself the following three questions, and if you have one moment of doubt then you need to rethink the way you address this digital disruption:

  1. Does your current testing give any thought too or address the expected growth in complexity of your internal and external IT ecosystems, are you and your teams living and thinking digital?
  2. Have you completely understood the implications of Security and the vulnerabilities that being interconnected will bring your organisation?
  3. Are your testers keeping up with technology at the same pace that technology is being developed and rolled out?

In addition to the above three points, organisations are also hit by shifting in spend. Most organisations are pouring money into the testing of new digital projects leaving little money for the integration of how digital fits into legacy products and apps. End to End User experience is also key, users expect a better user experience whilst wanting accelerated product development, thus meaning testing needs to get faster, smarter and right first time. Test Automation is key to addressing time, cost and accuracy. Integration of an automation strategy into your digital one will ensure the core drivers will be addressed.

It is a common fact that over 80% of organisations don’t fully have a Digital Test Strategy in place and the core reasons for this is that the original test team is being utilised to test both existing and digital applications along with using the same tools and approach as they did years before. Reviewing and validating your testing is the first step in making that change to digital.

If you would like to know more about Digital Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing Proof of Concept or a Test Assessment of your current testing practice, then do please do call us, we would be glad to assist.

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