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A Recipe For Test Automation Success

Posted by The nFocus Team on 30/06/2016

We all know about the benefits of Staff Company Days, they are a great medium for passing on new company information and sharing thoughts on latest trends in the world of business. It also allows the whole team to come together, connect and most importantly rewards your staff for their tireless efforts over the year and allow them to have some collective fun. Recently nFocus Testing took its team to the Seasoned Cooking School at Catton Hall.

A Recipe For Test Automation Success

During the day 5 things became very apparent;

  1. Those who thought they could cook, actually couldn’t all that well and those with little or no experience did remarkably well in learning new techniques and actual cooking
  2. Preparation, execution and delivery produced by the professionals is very much different to the way the way we cook at home on a daily basis, hours of practice and learning from other kitchens paves the way for best practice
  3. Yes, you do need a special knife to fillet a fish, using the right equipment and right type of tools does make a big difference
  4. Being disciplined and following the prescribed plan makes all the difference in delivering restaurant quality food
  5. Training and learning new techniques does motivate people to become hungry for more success

So, if you take the above 5 points and apply them to an everyday Automation project you will soon understand that listening and working with the professionals, choosing the right tools for the job, sticking to the plan and creating good knowledge and training material will make any project and team a success along with, saving you time, money and delivering a quality product fit for purpose.

Like all things in life, you can learn by mistakes, but if you could reduce or eliminate those mistakes before they happen, then why wouldn’t you?

Test Automation and nFocus' company day

There is another point you can attribute to Company Days, they do bring out the competitive side in most, so watch out Ramsey and Oliver, you might have competition…

If you want to find out more about Automation and how it can transform your IT delivery, then please contact nFocus Testing for more information.

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