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Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards
Phil has had a career in IT spanning over 20 years and has such worked at over 70 companies throughout the UK; 20 of which are FTSE 100 companies in many different business sectors including, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Technology, Retail, Logistics, Service Sector, Leisure, Construction and Gaming. He’s also been very lucky to have work around the world, for example he’s worked in the Channel Island (Lloyds, MPR), Ireland (Citi Bank), Switzerland (Deutsche Bank) and in America (PaySys international). Phil has been at nFocus over 3 years and holds he position of Managing Director. He specialises in Test Reviews, Testing Health checks and providing strategic direction. He has written articles on subjects such as: Output based Pricing, Agile, DevOps, Test Management, Automation, Performance Testing, along with advising on Test tooling solutions and choosing the right people for test roles. His published articles are now accessible to over 100,000 people directly. Outside of nFocus, Phil is married with two grown up children and two dogs, Dougal the part-poodle and Archie the Labrador who love nothing better than a good walk in the woods. In addition, Phil has a passion for cars and cooking.
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Regression Testing Checklist - Right Every Time

Posted by Phil Edwards on 7/02/2018

Even with the best will in the world, we all forget to do something at some point in time. Whether that be something trivial like putting out the bins to forgetting to pick up the kids after school…. Yep, that has happened…

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Topics: Software Testing, Regression Testing Checklist

Test Automation Frameworks - Follow The Recipe Or Freestyle It?

Posted by Phil Edwards on 30/01/2018

For all those budding chefs out there, the question will always be, do you follow a recipe for your meal or do you make it up as you go along? Now, creative and seasoned chefs will throw in the ingredients to produce delightful food, however for us less talented would-be-cooks, our results will be vastly different, and that’s the point. To get predicable results you’ll need to follow a process (recipe) to gain the greatest chance of success - just like adopting an automation test framework.

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Topics: Software Testing, Test Automation Frameworks

Improve Software Testing - Take The Driving Seat

Posted by Phil Edwards on 16/01/2018

Before you can begin to improve software testing in your organisation, you need to refresh yourself as to why testing is so important. It’s very easy to take things for granted; take your car for example, you get in, start it up and drive. You never think it’s not going to start or breakdown. There was a time though when cars were poorly made, forever breaking down and a real source of disappointment. Now, cars are largely fault free thanks to advanced engineering and software design and of course very thorough testing. There are millions of lines of code in each modern vehicle, and each line of code has been tested many, many times under many conditions to ensure a fault free drive. Some cars, as I write this article are achieving Level 3 Car autonomy - drivers are still necessary in level 3 cars, but are able to completely shift "safety-critical functions" to the vehicle, under certain traffic or environmental conditions.

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Topics: Software Testing, improve software testing

Test Automation Benefits - Knowing The Value of Automated Tests

Posted by Phil Edwards on 12/12/2017

As you might have realised the modern world is moving and developing at an alarming pace, change within our daily life is rapid, and just about everything we do in some way has been enabled by a computer and each application has been developed and (hopefully) tested. The desire to do more and do it quickly for less is forever in demand. Change is here to stay and organisations need to be ready to cope with the ever-increasing mandate for speed of delivery and first-class quality.

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Topics: Software Testing, TEST AUTOMATION BENEFITS

Regression Testing Advantages - Promoting Product Quality

Posted by Phil Edwards on 5/12/2017

It’s fair to say we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve encountered a regression issue; whether that be taking your Christmas lights out the box having not used them for a year, only to discover a tangle of wires, you unpick one tangle and that leads to another one forming, or when you tick the box for paperless bills from your well-known utility company only to still receive paper bills…. some two years later.

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Topics: Software Testing, regression testing advantages

Software Testing Life Cycle - The QA Process

Posted by Phil Edwards on 28/11/2017

When testing, there are specific project phases, these are all very well-known and well documented. However, software testing is not a single activity per se, but a concatenation of planned activities that need to be executed, along with the software development activities to ensure that a product is delivered to cost and time, without any errors. The following article aims to explain how testing fits within the life cycle of a project and the benefits of early testing and shifting left the quality as early as possible in the software testing life cycle. The following provides a high-level overview as how to plan your testing activities.

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Topics: Software Testing, software testing life cycle

Automated Regression Testing Blog

Posted by Phil Edwards on 14/11/2017

Adoption of new working practices and methodologies has meant that organisations are constantly challenging themselves to get products and services to market faster than ever and in doing so are now having to think very hard how this can be achieved. We all know that first to market gets the spoils, so there is a lot at stake getting the delivery model right. Test Automation is just one way of speeding up your project delivery and in doing so building up a regression pack of test scripts that can be run with little effort in a short amount of time.

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Topics: Software Testing, Automated regression testing

Software Disasters - A Collection of Software Halloween Horrors

Posted by Phil Edwards on 31/10/2017

Tis the season for scary stories. Halloween brings us plenty to be scared of, especially if you work in IT and especially if you’ve not taken testing seriously…..seriously..!!!

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Topics: Software Testing, software disasters, halloween

Software Disasters - It's Never Going To Happen To Me!

Posted by Phil Edwards on 14/09/2017

So, what exactly is a disaster? The word ‘Disaster’ is widely used in our modern-day language, Crystal Palace FC would use it to sum up their first four games of the 2017 season, people of America use it to report on Hurricane Irma and Bake Off would use it to describe a soggy bottom…. So, when we come to talk about software the same rules seem to apply. Whether a software bug disrupts an End Users ability to perform their everyday tasks, or a bug makes your online retail outlet fail to deliver goods, or worse still your data is compromised like what we have seen with the Equifax and their 143 million customers. In all cases these software disasters could have been prevented by better testing.

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Topics: Software Testing, software disasters

Software Testing Techniques - It's As Simple As Black & White

Posted by Phil Edwards on 24/08/2017

To explain the difference between Black Box Testing and White Box Testing, simply put, if you think about a car, you have two types of people, the driver (black box) and the mechanic (white box). The driver doesn’t really need to understand how the engine works to drive, just press a few buttons and levers and turn the wheel and you are off. The mechanic however, lifts the hood and tinkers with the engines to make the car go, looking at the internal mechanisms, following the flow of petrol into the engine right through to the output gases from the exhaust.

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Topics: Software Testing, Software Testing Techniques

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