Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Exploratory Testing with Visual Studio 2012 on a Surface device session overview

This is a video summary of Danny's session "Exploratory Testing using a Surface device" at a recent Microsoft event.

The event was called "Tools for Windows 8: Tips and Tricks on Visual Studio 2012 to inspire beautiful app development" and was held at Modern Jago on 23/01/2013.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Exploratory testing session on a remote device at ModernJago yesterday

Had a great time at the Microsoft event today held at @ModernJago. The demo on exploratory testing went well although I did get tripped up by my phone's wireless sharing. Thanks to everyone that came along and thanks to Microsoft for arranging the event. For app development, good exploratory testing is essential as often these projects are short, low budget and agile in their nature. The great news is that TFS and Visual Studio totally support development and testing in this way as proved by AJ from @dlalastudios - http://dlalastudios.com AJ – Great inspiring talk, you Rock!