Thursday, 2 December 2010

Infrastructure Testing – What’s That???

So you’re on a new project; a green field site and part of your remit is to test assure the infrastructure as well as the solution, where do you start? What is infrastructure testing? One definition could be “to assure that the platform the service is to be deployed on fully supports the solution in a performant and robust manner”

Considering this overview, some of the items for consideration could be:-

  • Tin – Commissioning the appliances into the data centre and powering up, what should you be looking for to assure this, and weed out the DOA (Dead on Arrival) kit

  • Network - Making sure that all of the Tin communicates with each other as designed, without any erroneous traffic

  • Tiers – Most internet facing solutions are built using the tier model to separate the internet, application and data for security purposes, should this have a penetration test applied by a specialist in that arena

  • OS – What special consideration and configuration will need to be applied to the software stack specified to support the solution? How do you assure the build prior to releasing the solution code and any supporting artefacts?

  • Monitoring – What system monitoring will be in place and how do you prove its functioning to the solutions specific requirement

  • Code – How can you utilise the functional testing to supply you with data for assuring the infrastructure solution
As you can see, loads of things to consider prior to any developed code being released from the CM process, this has been simplified above, the main point is that it can be planned and executed as a test discipline, utilising both testers and engineers, more to follow...

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