Friday, 17 December 2010

Infrastructure Testing – What’s that??? Part 2

Now that you have considered the relevant areas to your particular solution, it’s time to assess which elements pose the biggest risk to you deliverable; there is no secret to how you approach this, here at nFocus we use pretty much an industry standard “Risk Based” approach.

We convene an appropriate forum of subject matter experts and elicit their thoughts on which areas pose the greatest risk, create test scenarios that will mitigate the risks identified, and test the solution, some of the areas for consideration could be:-

  • Security vulnerabilities

  • High Availability / Disaster Tolerance / Failover

  • Connectivity and interoperability between system infrastructure

  • OS Patch Status and updates

  • Load balancing, Network routing and firewalls, name resolution

  • System logging

  • Performance

  • Virtualisation

  • Operational Procedures

Another list of items to consider, but at this stage you should have a pretty good idea of the shape the solution will take and the infrastructure and products that will support it. Some of the work identified during the risk assessment will be undertaken by engineers; some could be delivered as part of a contract via a hosting company for example, however you should assess what level of governance to apply to these activities; confidence in the end product for your stakeholders is paramount.

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