Monday, 1 March 2010

VS2010 - Test Impact, one giant leap for testkind!

Hi there, finally got round to another blog article; this one is in the form of a vlog.
In the agile world, understanding the impact of code churn is vital, using the test impact collector in VS2010 testers can be told which manual and automated tests need to be rerun, I've put together this demo to show it working.
Soo...full screen the video, sit back, enjoy and please give us your feedback!

Please note the full screen button is located next to the progress bar and volume controls whilst hovering the cursor at the bottom of the video.
The vlog can also be viewed at our website


Anonymous said...

Excellent video Danny! Looking forward to the next one.

JohnQ said...

It's really good, Danny. I think a lot of people will find it helpful

vanita said...

Its good bolg .Keep on writing.


Alice Thomas said...
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Anonymous said...

Wish I saw this years ago. Real nice jib!