Thursday, 2 July 2009

Google Test Automation Conference 2009

Google have announced that the 4th Annual Google Test Automation Conference will be taking place on the 21st and 22nd of October at Google's Zurich office, Switzerland.

In their own words, "Google Tech Talks are designed to disseminate a wide spectrum of views on topics including Current Affairs, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law, Entertainment, and the Arts."

Boring stuff over...the basis of the conference is to solve software engineering challenges through the use of tools and automation (just as an aside, this is one of our areas of specialism). This year's conference is specialising in testing web applications, services and systems. The conference is also hoping to cover mobile device application testing. All sounds very exciting, and interesting to us, so we are going to send a few delegates.

I thought you may like to take a look at the keynote presentation from last year's GTAC, presented by (surely) one of Google's newest employees, James Whittaker. The presentation is titled, "The Future of Software Testing", and in my opinion, is definitely worth a watch.

If you plan to present at the conference you should probably take note of August 1st, by this date you need to have submitted your proposal, with Google hoping to accept or decline the proposal by the 8th of August.

If you're looking to attend you may like to take a look here.

And finally...If you have any further questions, feel free to email and ask me or the team at, or contact Google directly at

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