Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Testing applications on Windows 7 RC1

Testing in a box.............in a box?

Recently at nFocus, we had to test some applications out to ensure that they would operate correctly on Windows 7 for one of our clients. RC1 was out and in order to expidite the task we decided to use virtualisation instead of applying the release candidate to some of our hardware. Virtual PC seemed like a good choice and following Brian Kellers blog "Installing the Windows 7 Beta with Virtual PC 2007 SP1" (with a few tweaks for RC1 instead of the Beta) it was a breeze!

We managed to do our testing but interestingly, as an aside, some testing tools we used worked just fine out of the box on windows 7 RC1 too.

If your looking at doing something similar you might want to hold off (if you believe some of the rumor mills), Wzor put out some info, noting that the Windows 7 Release Candidate 2 is signed off and will be released on June 12th. It is expected that it will only be available to a few select groups, MSDN subscribers being one. Please feel free to apply appropriate levels of sodium to this :)

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Anonymous said...

Make sure you check out Scott Hanselman's discussion about Windows 7's Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) capabilities: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/LessVirtualMoreMachineWindows7AndTheMagicOfBootToVHD.aspx. This is an amazing feature of Windows 7 and has lots of applications for software testers.