Thursday, 28 May 2009

TestComplete 7 - complete !

Okay, although not in detail and in my spare time (at nFocus that's a rare thing) my review of TestComplete7 and the new keyword functionality is complete.

So what do I think, well, as a tool in its own right, it is great, it covers a multitude of different situations and technologies (for a great price too) but for me, it just doesn't cut it, for these reasons:

  • I found it complicated to navigate, this is a tool that needs a lot of learning

  • I couldn't let my non technical testers loose on this even with the keyword-driven tests

  • the mapping tool is a bit difficult to navigate

This wasn't really supposed to be a side by side comparison between Axe and TestComplete7 but I just found myself constantly comparing the two.

For my money, using something like Excel with say the Axe toolset is a much more attractive proposition, I like the fact that Axe uses Excel, I can show my non technical testers how to fill in the spreadsheets and away they go! Object mapping can be a pain in Axe (depending on which automation toolset you are using) but at least it enforces you to be methodical and think carefully about the logical names you might want to use.

At the end of the day, picking a toolset to use when employing automated testing is always difficult and one tool that wins in one situation will lose in another. There isn’t a “one size fits all” automation tool. I think that TestComplete7 would get my vote if I was a solo tester in an organisation where I need to test a number of different smaller apps in different technologies (web app, Java client, Windows client, pda app, WPF client etc).

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