Wednesday, 13 May 2009

iPhone apps - iTest...uTest, can anyone Test?

A couple of weeks ago saw the 1 billionth download from the Apple App Store and in just 9 short months this is quite some achievement but what impact does this have on the testing world. Well it seems that more and more business apps are being produced for the iPhone, apps that need testing! So how do we test these apps? With difficulty it would appear! The answer to this would really depend on what sort of app it is we are testing, if it is a browser app that is designed for the safari browser on the iPhone then there are a number of solutions:

iBBDemo - Blackbaud iPhone Browser Simulator:

and - iPhone Simulator:

If, however, we are to test a native iPhone app, then this proves to be a little more tricky. The only way to really test it before it goes live is on an actual iPhone itself or from within the development environment. There does not appear to be any emulators out there on the windows platform right now and with the absence of any sort of controller you are going to be limited to just manual testing. If anyone knows of a good simulator or test automation tools for iPhone apps, then let me know!

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Brian said...

You may want to check out UISpec

It's an open source automation framework being developed for the iphone.